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General Functions of Visitor Management Kiosk

  • 1. Company Introduction and Visiting rules

    Build with Dual screen, One of the screen is to Introduce company and visiting rules.

  • 2. Visitor Identity Recognition

    Build with Identity card reader and credential scanner to verify visitor’s Identity.

  • 3. Intelligent Video analysis function

    Build with HD camera lens, high resolution picture and high definition video.Face recognition technology to verify visitor again.

  • 4. Create and save visitor registration record

    About visitor information: credential information, company/organization, address, contact info etc. also with visitor real time pictures, date, the leave time. And the interviewee info.

  • 5. Visitor registration receipt printing function

    Build with thermal printer.

  • 6. Visitor Black list and white list Management

    To some suspicious personnel and prohibited personnel, You can set them into Black list. To regular visitors, can set into white list.

  • 7. Intelligent Telephone

    This device can call to the interviewee fast.It doesn’t need find the telephone number, help to save time waiting time.

  • 8. Visitor card dispenser

    After registration, system will dispense a visitor card. The card will connect to company entrance guard.

  • 9. Infrared body sensor

    It build as active infrared sensor, when visitor coming remind control center automatically.

  • 10. Information confirm Terminal

    That is for the interviewee, to receive real time visitor information. And then make sure receive or not.

General Configuration of Visitor Management Kiosk

Product Series Visitor Management Kiosk
Standard Configuration Description
Industrial Computer Low power consumption, high performance Industrial PC motherboard
Basic Display monitor 15inch LED display
Touch screen 15inch resistive touch screen
Receipt printer Thermal printer, 80*50mm
Credential scanner Support many kinds official credential, Identity card, passport ,driving license tec.
Laser Barcode scanner single decoding laser barcode scanning engine with the ability of reading one dimensional linear barcode
Identity card reader Authorized by ministry of public security. IC/ID card selectable
Smart phone module It used to control telephone signal, record and play the telephone recordings.  the calling/dialing of telephone, and receiving the caller ID and double audio code.
Camera HD lens with 2.0MP high resolution
Dimension 480(W)*380(D)*420(H)mm
Net weight 11kg
Optional configuration Description
Infrared body sensor Active Infrared sensor module
3G wireless router antenna Professional Antenna of Telecom 3G

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