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General Functions of Financial Kiosk

  • 1. Financial Organization Introduction

    Include: Organization information such as working time. Etc.

  • 2. Organization Services query

    Include: Service list with specified Guide.

  • 3. Self-help open bank account and dispense bank card

    With Identity card, automatically Open bank account, and the terminal machine will dispense the bank card.

  • 4. Automatic queuing system

    For more convenience with auto system to control visitor in sequence, build in thermal printer for receipt printing.

  • 5. Self service payment and bank transfer

    Paid by bank card for public costs, transfer between different bank account.

  • 6. Bill and receipt printing

    Self-help prints the bill or documents in system. Support different sizes of paper.

  • 7. Snapshot and video record function

    Build with specialized kiosk camera, auto recording video and support playback function. Snapshot is to the payment moment.

  • 8. Identification recognition

    Build with Identity card reader, Pass port scanner, and fingerprint scanner.

  • 9. Deposit and withdraw cash

    Function for bank account only.

  • 10. Self-help open Financial account and recharge to the account by card

    That is the function for stock and fund organization.

General Configuration of Financial Kiosk

Product Series Financial Kiosk Terminal
Configurations Description
Industrial Computer Low power consumption, high performance Industrial PC motherboard
Display monitor 15.17.19inch or Customized
Touch screen Infrared/SAW type, 15.17.19inch or Customized
Bank card reader Support bank cards including magnetic card and IC card
Barcode scanner Used to scan different kinds of one dimensional code and two dimension code
Encrypted metal keypad 3DES encryption, Security certification of Union pay card terminal, with anti-spy cover
Card printer High resolution thermal Dye-sublimation color printing, high efficiency, easy operation. Support print magnetic card/IC card/RF card.
Receipt printer Thermal printer, 80mm, remind out of paper function. auto cutter.
Line printer Black and white Laser printer, print A4/A5 paper report.
Cash acceptor Multi-denomination recognition, four-way banknote insertion, build-in one cash unit with capacity of 1200 bank notes
Cash dispenser High reliability and accuracy, the twice check device to avoid the mistakes
Fingerprint Reader Use solid optical material, read fingerprint automatically with high recognition
Camera Wide-angle camera、anti-explosion exclusive camera for ATM
POS terminal Motor-driven, push-rod design, the POS can be protected very well avoid damaging
Time setting module Set the time of power on and power off computer part, prolong the service time
UPS power Support PC working in standby model for more than 10 minutes
Kiosk Cabinet Durable cold rolled steel, High & Low temperature resistance, slim and smart design, easy to install, Moisture proof, Antirust, Anti-acid, Anti-dust, Static free

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