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Network card machine needs dike network vulnerability

In today's Internet of Things IoT era, many devices that have used simple, one-way processes have become "smart." By connecting to the network, these smart devices can help organizations maximize the technology's input-to-output ratio while increasing productivity. A good example is the card printer used by government agencies to produce security documents. In the past, such printers were completely static; now they have become connected devices that not only make the necessary security tools, but also collect and deliver valuable data to support more efficient operations.

However, the convenience of networked card printers is also a certain risk, because the data they use is exposed to the network and is likely to be attacked by third-party organizations. Here, Selly offers a few small suggestions and takes the necessary measures to avoid the potential network vulnerabilities caused by networking while giving full play to the advantages of the networked card printing system.

Deploy a powerful remote device management system—the remote device management system not only monitors the status of all card printers in the facility, but also monitors their usage in real time. The amount of consumables such as holographic laminates and blank cards can be tracked in real time to ensure proper use of the material. If some risky activity occurs, you will also receive a notification from the system that is automatically sent to remediate the security breach before it expands.

Choose a printer with a physical lock - a networked printer is not always in your line of sight like a regular printer. Entity locks help prevent cards from being tampered or stolen, and only a few authorized authorized operators can access them.

Anti-virus and spyware screening for all incoming and outgoing data - in addition, update the virus and spyware libraries in a timely manner. This is often overlooked, but it is the easiest way to protect data.

Whether a high-quality networked card printing system is secure or not depends entirely on the network in which the system resides. So keep these tips in place to keep your network safe and avoid potential dangers.