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Dragon Boat Festival , Chinese dreams


The Dragon Boat Festival, originated in China, was originally ancient ancestors in the form of dragon boat racing worship dragon ancestor. Because of the legend of the warring states period poet Qu Yuan in the Dragon Boat Festival holding a stone jumped into the MiLuo river suicide, later people will also commemorate Qu Yuan in the Dragon Boat Festival .It is a traditional Chinese folk festival.


Dragon Boat Festival eating ZongZi, is the traditional customs of the Chinese nation since ancient times . ZongZi it’s a kind of Yi. It’s a tribute to worship during every holiday and festival. It’s also a traditional custom to make Yi during holiday and festival . Due to the different eating habits of different places, ZongZi formed the flavor of the north and south. From the taste, ZongZi have salty and sweet taste.Dragon Boat Festival eating ZongZi custom, thousands of years of popular in China, has become the biggest impact of the Chinese nation, the most extensive coverage of folk eating customs.


Dragon boat racing is an important activity of the Dragon Boat Festival. In ancient times prevailed in Wu, Yue, Chu, now China's south coast is also very popular. After spread abroad, all countries people love it and formed an international competition. Dragon-boat racing has a long history and is a collective rowing competition. Dragon boat race is divided into several sections, such as invite dragon, worship dragon god, dragon tour and collection.Dragon boat. Racing are generally held after the grand sacrificial ceremony, the first to invite dragon, worship god. Such as GuangDong dragon boat, before the Dragon Boat Festival to choose auspicious day put into the water, after offering a worship to god, install the dragon head, dragon tail, and then ready to race. But Min, Taiwan places go to Mazu temple for worship.


In order to let everyone have a happy and peaceful Dragon Boat Festival, according to the "notice of the general office of the state council on the arrangement of some holidays in 2019", combined with the actual situation of the company and work arrangements, the company will have the following holiday schedule for Dragon Boat Festival: June 7th, 2019 (Friday) -9th, 2019 (Sunday) holiday, a total of three days.

Dragon Boat Festival is the unique cultural carrier of the Chinese nation, but also "the descendants of the dragon, the descendants of the yellow emperor", it reveals a genuine native feeling, is an ancient tradition, is to Qu Yuan's patriotic spirit of a kind of admiration, praise. It is reserved and reserved but not overt. It has no majestic momentum, no grand scene, everything is so smooth and comfortable. Every family is busy for celebrating the festival alone .