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Misunderstanding of Crystal Epoxy Cards and Irregular Shaped Cards

Recently, a few customers inquire us that some people called Crystal Epoxy Card as Alien Card but sometimes some told difference in the market either. They are confused, what distinction between Crystal Epoxy Card with Alien Card on earth.

Therefore, we explain the various details of Crystal Epoxy Card and Alien Card respectively related to some professional states as below:

First of all, Crystal Epoxy Card is belong to Alien Card conceptually but relatively unique. In fact it’s not defined exactly for Alien Card in smartcard industry. Generally, the non-standard card(not L85.5mm*W54mm*T0.76mm) as in shape or size all are called as Alien Card. While Alien Card can be inlaid with different smart chip. By contrast, the unique of Crystal Epoxy Card is, its surface(simplex or duplex) adds epoxy glue, so as to look more crystal & three-dimensional, the reason why is popular with the market.

Secondly, the produce processing of Crystal Epoxy Card is limited cause of adding epoxy glue in production. E.g. no rendering the UV or code on the surface.

In the third, however its chip can be also designated in accordance with individual requirement same as the Alien Card. From the frequency, the chip can be divided into Low Frequency(12.5KHz), High Frequency(13.56MHz) & Ultra-high Frequency(860~960MHz), including various chips per level.

Last, the epoxy glue on the surface gains better protection and anti-abrasion. So the lifespan of Crystal Epoxy Card is more further than the common Alien Card.