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The Processing Flow Of Smartcard

Usually, People check the finished card with elegant design and precise processing surface but not know the production in detail. Then, let’s look for the answer.

As the most influential manufacturer of smartcard, today we take the time to introduce the relevant professional knowledge of processing flow. There are three parts in all, including respectively INLAY assembly, customized surface layer production and final goods finishing. Each part also have several process steps. The below will explain the basic flow of regular smartcard except the special cards and user-defined cards.

First, the basic is INLAY assembly which the most important one. So the worker must be much cautious to deal with it. The processing flow is like: Silk Printing – Manual Contactless Welding(or Supersonic Auto-welding) – Inspect – Extrusion Synthesis – Inlay – Test – Store.

Second, the back and front layer processing flow: CTP – Printing – UV anti-counterfeiting oil. It mainly decides the surface design and style, the first sight we look the smartcard.

Last, all above ready, the next is to finish the final processing. Location – Synthesis – Punch – Test – Check the surface – Inspect functions/barcode/stamp – FQC – Packaging – Store.

The three parts are the necessary to produce the smartcard, but if user need to add some special process e.g. hole/autograph/gold or silver surface... Well, it will take some particular resolution, like the autograph shall be made before punch etc. Welcome u to inquire more details further.